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Apr. 29th, 2014 06:29 pm
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Title: Angel & Devil
Authors: [ profile] silvan_lady
Beta:: [ profile] gattodoro
Inhabitants: Viggo/Orlando
Rating: PG-13
Warning: It's the Slash_cave - that should be all the warning you need!
Authors' Note: Part of the Real Slash Clich├ęs series *g* Posted as a birthday gift for [ profile] alilacia

( Angel & Devil )

Orlando woke up, uncomfortably aware that the bed covers had vanished, and he was apparently naked. This was not unusual in itself; Viggo was a notoriously restless sleeper and there was never any point in wearing night clothes when his lover was around. What was different this time was that he found himself sleeping on a cloud. He rubbed his big brown eyes with - horror of horrors - chubby little clenched fists. What the f*ck had those damn slashers done this time?

He rolled over cautiously, hoping that the cloud was rather more substantial than it looked. It held, but wisps of air caused a strange fluttering sensation behind him.

Oh no, not again.

With a resigned sigh he looked over his shoulder - a plump white shoulder at that. He knew it - wings! Damn it, why did he always have to be the cherub!

"Don't sigh, you look adorable."

Orlando spun around again sending ripples through the cloud and causing a small localised shower over Oxfordshire. He grinned when he saw Viggo sitting cross-legged a short distance away. Crossing your legs when they are short and hairy and terminate in shiny silver hooves is quite a feat, but Viggo managed to make it look as if he'd spent his life that way. Maybe he did.

"Nice horns," Orlando said with a grin. "What happens if I stroke them?"

"Come over here and see," Viggo smirked. "And see what else I've got for you."

Orlando crawled across the cloud as quickly as his chubby little legs let him, just in time to see Viggo's arrow-tipped tail uncoil and sway gently above his head.

"Oh shiny! Want some!"

"You can have my tail any time, Angel!"

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