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Mar. 12th, 2016 07:56 pm
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Title: Lizzie's Visitors
Author : [ profile] silvan_lady
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 196
Disclaimer: As ever, if you believe anything in the [ profile] slash_cave is real, then you are crazier than us, and that’s saying something!
Note: Posted for[ profile] bluegerl to cheer her up in hospital

Our poor Lizzie’s stuck in bed,
There’s not much that she can do.
Time to send the Slash Cave boys,
Singing ‘Let Us Entertain You!”

First through the door from the varied cast
Is Mr Jackman, known as Hugh,
His dance routine is slick and fast,
In black tie and polished shoe.

The nurses peeping, are all aghast,
They’ve never seen the like before,
Hugh’s rapid steps are unsurpassed,
As he leaps and bounds across the floor.

Darling Hiddles swans in next,
Looking snazzy in morning dress,
The doctors now are trés perplexed,
As he pirouettes with much finesse.

Lizzie’s dreams are coming true,
As Sean has now arrived to read,
He saunters into her field of view,
And opens up War and Peace.

Karl n’ Eric troop in later,
Apologising for being late,
Unfortunately they missed the turn,
And ended up destroying the gate.

Eric decides on a comic turn,
And makes a speech very wittily,
Karl just glowers from the window,
But he does it very prettily!

So Lizzie is now entertained,
By our lovely Slash Cave guys,
Her giggles are quite unrestrained,
And there’s a little twinkle in her eyes.


Get well soon Lizzie!

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