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Title: AidOration
Authors: [ profile] silvan_lady [ profile] gattodoro
Pairing: Aidan/Orlando
Rating: NC-17
Warning: It's the Slash_cave - that should be all the warning you need!
Authors' Note: Part of the Text Fic series *g* And yes, we do know how to spell, (most of the time, anyway!) The title is exactly as we intended. ;-)

( Aid-Or-ation )

“Aidan, AIDAN! Wake up!”

“Whassup?” The undeniably gorgeous Mr Turner might well be a heartthrob and lusted after by many millions of women, (and quite a few men too), but first thing in the morning was not exactly his best time. First thing in the morning after a night of enthusiastic sex with Orlando was possibly the time when he appeared most tousled-hair and bleary-eyed, and potentially a major disappointment to the rabid fans. Although we do realise that at least 50% of the aforementioned fans would probably disagree.

“You’ve got to wake up. It’s Monday morning and Gatty needs our help. Silv is feeling down in the dumps and YOU KNOW what that means!”

“I do?”

“Yes, it’s blue pen time!”

Aidan lifted one lazy eyebrow and a slow smile appeared. “You mean...?”

Orlando nodded, a slightly manic gleam in his eye. “Yes, but wait... I don’t think they’re ready yet...”

Right on cue the blue pen was wielded and both men found themselves in period costumes that would be instantly recognisable to fans of the delectable Captain Poldark.

Gatty smirked in a very satisfied manner as she sent the first text to Silv. "I might equip them with voluminous white shirts - just so they can peel them off seductively, you understand. Now what did I do with the baby oil...?"

Silv was feeling better already. "Oh yes definitely. And tight breeches please?"

Gatty knew how to please her audience. "Not forgetting the leather boots. Dammit, not even 9 o'clock and my mind is in the gutter. Good work Princess! :-p"

"Happy to be of service!"

"Now then, on to the curl tossing, bicep flexing, flashing-eyed showdown."

Aidan squinted at the instructions. “Curl tossing?”

Orlando nodded. “They love it. I cut my hair so it’s your turn.”

“Fair enough,” Aidan said. He scrambled to his knees so that the white shirt just skimmed the bed a la Demelza and ran his fingers through his hair with a smouldering look at Orlando and a noticeable flex of bulging bicep. With a flick of his head and flash of his eyes, curls were tossed and swept sexily awry by a sudden stray breeze - yes, Gatty had turned on the ceiling fan just for that purpose.

Orlando barely suppressed a whimper. Not very manly you understand, but then Aidan’s curl tossing could make the majority of the population utter sounds of appreciation so probably excusable.

Aidan rather liked the effect he was having, especially as Orlando’s damp white shirt was clinging to a very interesting bulge in his breeches, so he did it again.

Silv was curious. "Just when did Orlando’s shirt get wet anyway?"

”Damp shirt means it has to be removed, right?” Gatty pointed out logically with a rather happy smile. “Privilege of the pen! Plus we get to appreciate a glimpse of dusky nipple through translucent fabric.”

”Of course. Can we get to the energetic snogging, hip grinding, humping, wall pressing and bed rolling now?”

”Certainly,” Gatty acquiesced, “and I sense that I that Aidan will end up on top having tickled Orlando into submission - not that he needs much persuasion” :D

”Can't disagree with that.”

”Hmm, and aren’t you forgetting the moaning, the playful biting and the sweat slick slide of overheated flesh?”

”Oh not forgetting, I was just concentrating on the licentious licking, naughty nibbling and salacious sucking.”

”Good call Silv. Shall we have some gratuitous arse groping and urgent thrusting as well?”

”Can’t leave it out!”

Which, by strange coincidence, was what Aidan was about to say.

Aidan nestled up behind Orlando, pressing his over-excited erection against his crease, wrapping his arms around the smooth chest and playing with his nipples.

"Do EE monitor text messages? I do hope so!"

"I hope so too - we've just brightened someone's morning :)"

Orlando rotated his hips, urging Aidan to move past the teasing, pleasurable though it was, and get to the fucking.

Aidan chided his impatient lover. Orlando begging to be fucked was always such a pretty picture.

"Isn't it just!"

Orlando grabbed the bed head, shifted his knees apart and thrust his pert ass backwards in expectation. He glanced over his shoulder, brown eyes turning black with desire. Aidan’s breeches clung to his strong thighs like a lover and Orlando was jealous.

It should be pointed out to those of you distracted by this picture of wanton loveliness that the blue pen had removed Orlando's clothes several minutes previously, but you were probably ahead of us there!

Aidan’s smile was feral as he feasted his eyes on the picture that Orlando made. Sweat damp curls clung to his forehead and temples and a single drop of perspiration ran down his spine before disappearing into the cleft of Orlando’s tight buttocks. Aidan felt overdressed and would have ripped his own clothes off had the blue pen not obliged. We like that shirt and all that fills it!

"Damn, Euston in sight"

And just when things were getting interesting! But it would take more than Network Rail to bring a halt to proceedings now.

Aidan aimed a playful slap at Orlando's artfully presented buttocks. "And they say I'm the impetuous one."

Orlando pouted, this was no time for semantics."Hurry up, Aidan, Silv's almost at the station!" He wiggled his butt to reinforce the message.

Aidan raised an insouciant eyebrow, but it was all for show. As if he was going to turn down such an open invitation!

He licked his forefinger and held it against Orlando's clenching hole. Immediately Orlando pushed back, wanting to be penetrated before Silv disappeared into the Tube

"I suspect Aidan and I went into the dark tunnel at roughly the same time. Sadly, his was far more pleasurable than mine with a much more satisfactory ending!"

Aidan moved as slowly as a demanding Orlando permitted which was of course not very slowly at all.

Soon their sweat drenched bodies were bucking and lunging frantically.

"Come before Moorgate," Aidan grunted. "Come for me now!"

"Hell yes! " Orlando grunted. "Anything to please Angel and Princess!"

Moorgate came, Orlando didn’t, but he was teetering on the brink. Ever the gentleman, Aidan reached around to help him out. A few firm strokes to the sensitive head of Orlando’s turgid member and ... "It's Liverpool Street!" Orlando yelled, and climaxed. That was all Aidan needed to hear. His cock erupted, his hips jerking frantically until he was fully spent at which point they both collapsed panting on the bed

When Aidan got his breath back he gave a tired but cheeky grin in the theoretical direction of 'them'. More difficult than you might think given that Silv and Gatty travel into London on different lines. "That was a blast, but next time you want to write text porn on the train do you think you could arrange a signal failure or something so I don't have to try to shag like Usain Bolt on steroids to make sure that we 'get off' at the right station?

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